Kathy Frankovic

Kathy speaks and writes extensively about poll results, elections, and the development and use of polling by newspapers and television, including articles in Public Opinion Quarterly, the official publication of the American Association for Public Opinion Research.

She has been an invited speaker domestically at universities and conferences, and in places as diverse as Italy, Jordan, Hong Kong, India, Manila, Mexico, Lisbon, Chile, Uruguay, Myanmar and the Republic of Georgia. She has explained polls and elections on U.S., Australian, British, Greek, Georgian and Dutch media, among others.

She has chaired international review panels reporting on polling conducted in the Republic of Georgia and Myanmar.

Since retiring from CBS News in 2009, she has consulted for (among others) Harvard University, Pew Research Center, CBS News, the Open Society Foundations, and YouGov. She writes weekly analyses of polling results from the Economist/YouGov Polls.

Kathy Frankovic at ESOMAR Kathy presenting the Freedom to PUblish report at the ESOMAR Congress September, 2018

She is a member of the Professional Standards Committee of ESOMAR, the Global Insights Community, and in that role chaired the committee that updated the ESOMAR/WAPOR Guide on Opinion Polls and Published Surveys, the Frequently Asked Questions About Polls, and the sixth and seventh global WAPOR/ESOMAR Freedom to Publish Election Polls Report.

Kathy Frankovic speaking in Uruguay Kathy speaking to a WAPOR/Latinoamerica forum at Universidad Catolica del Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay, 16 October 2018

She is a co author of The Election of 1980, The Election of 1992, and The Election of 2000 (all published by Chatham House). Among her many articles are: Sex and Politics: New Alignments, Old Issues, one of the first academic analyses of the gender gap. She has written chapters about election polling for the Market Research Handbook (Wiley, 2007) and The SAGE Handbook of Public Opinion Research (Sage, 2008), and co-authored the chapter on opinion polls for the Handbook of Statistics 29 (North-Holland, 2009). She also wrote on women and public opinion polls for Voting and the Gender Gap (Illinois, 2008).